We secure your digital world

Be online and stay safe 

   Do you lock your doors?

Filip Chytrý Founder 

We go to great lengths to ensure that our home is safe and secure in order to protect our family and valuables. However, not all of us take the necessary steps to secure our digital information, which can be equally as valuable as our physical possessions. 

Nowadays, we have many Internet-connected devices, such as mobile phones, computers and tablets for reading emails or having fun on social media, as well as accessing and working with sensitive data, documents and accounts. At Seculu, we have a great history of locating the many vulnerabilities that exist on these networks. We provide solutions and implementations to protect your greatest assets, whether they're your customers, bank accounts, or social accounts. 

Internet security is our highest priority 

White hat hacking for the greater good

IoT security

Do you produce or use elements within the Internet of Things? We work together with your security solutions to properly secure them

Penetration testing

We simulate hacks of your infrastructure and report on weaknesses and potential risks

Protection of digital life

Your Facebook, Twitter, email and home networks are easy targets for a hacker, from whom we protect you

Software delivery and installation 

We help you install our product and show you how it works during a face-to-face meeting

App control

Each application has its own bugs and flaws -- we fix them. We create and implement security measures according to your individual needs

Security badge program

We guarantee top-notch quality in all of our services and take full responsibility for your online security

We secure your digital world