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We are a young, dynamic company focused on security in the online world. Since 2014, we've provided myriad services to consumers and businesses alike, from setting up a home network through the encryption of web applications and data to assessing the overall security of companies. We are present at international technical conferences, where we not only gather the latest information about the ever-changing online landscape, but also present and inform the general public about security technologies and online threats. 

Here's an example of our work: Without using proper online protection, Seculu can analyze the websites you're currently viewing in less than five minutes (and without looking over your shoulder!). To see this in action, contact us to test your device and propose potential security solutions. Believe us -- it's better to be "hacked" by our team  than to have your data stolen by cybercriminals. 

Filip has many years of experience in corporate security infrastructure and terminal equipment. Last year, he made several discoveries revealing vulnerabilities in Nissan, Target and Google Play, which yielded coverage from publications including The New York Times, Daily Mail, USA Today, Forbes, TechCrunch and many others. During recent years, Filip has been responsible for overseeing mobile security applications at Avast Software.

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David Fišer | Security Expert

David has researched a handful of significant security threats over the past six years. He participated in the analysis of the Czech banking virus Tinba on Windows and examined web vulnerabilities including the popular SQL injection. David has also investigated XSS, CSRF attacks, and the security of IoT devices.

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Julia Szymanska | Social Networking

Julia flourishes in social media marketing. She has extensive experience not only in strategic communications, but also as a marketing trainer. For the last six years, she's been devoted to researching security and privacy on social media while working at Avast Software. She has spoken at international conferences (BabelCamp, Social Media Thursday Poland, HRdays Slovensko) and at Charles University in Prague. 

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